Ward Steel Service Company
Gray America Corp.

Gray America Corp. is the parent company of four subsidiaries whose mission is to fulfill specific metals requirements. The four separate entities accomplish their goals in ways that compliment each other and achieve a higher level of success than if done individually.
L&H Threaded Rods

The diversity of our business is L&H Threaded Rods Corp. L&H is a major producer and distributor of threaded rods and U-Bolts. Our primary products are truck and trailer U-Bolts, and we are a large distributor of other suspension products including nuts, washers, center bolts, hex head cap screws, etc. In addition, we perform first operation functions for the metals industry.

The heart of our business is A-Lab Corp., a full-service independent metals testing laboratory. A-Lab analyzes and tests material for a variety of customers and also provides support for our corporate organization. With knowledge and expertise in metals, A-Lab directs the entire company in a professional way to understand the relationship of metals to the intended function and performance of a specific part.
New Dimension Metals

The strength of our business is New Dimension Metals Corp. With purchasing power to process large quantities of basic hot rolled steel bars, New Dimension Metals has established good relationships in the primary metals industry. This allows us to fulfill specific downstream requirements to smaller customers in a manner that historically has only been available to larger businesses.
Scarlet & Gray

The teamwork of our business is Scarlet & Gray Corp. To respect and appreciate commerce is to understand the flow of goods and services from raw material through all the processes and on to the end customer. Scarlet & Gray provides the entire company a high level of control and service in the movement of materials.
Ward Steel

Our original business is Ward Steel Service Company. For over 60 years Ward Steel has been serving the greater western Ohio area. Supporting manufacturers with frequent inventory deliveries of full bars or specific size cut pieces needed for the job. Focusing on carbon cold finished bars and a wide array of tubing, Ward Steel also handles angles, ground & polished bars, and many specialty grades.